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Materials , Energy and Environment.

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Working in the technology services market since 1990 provide expert advice to the process development and high-performance technology products and innovative design . Accumulated extensive knowledge in Geology, Mineral Exploration, Ambientometria and environmental legislation . We are a group of engineers with advanced skill levels in the areas of Geology, Mining , Metallurgy and Materials committed to the concepts of energy efficiency , environmental sustainability and safety . We have a vast network of contacts in Brazil and abroad which allows us a global approach to the projects we undertake . We include among our customers research and development institutions (universities and institutes ) and companies in the mining-metallurgical sector ( small, medium and large companies) .

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non-destructive testing and remote metalography

Applicability of Solid Waste Management Plans

Physicochemical and mechanical characterization of materials

Clean Development in the National Climate Change Policy

Reverse Logistics Lubricants Oils Used or Contaminated

Compatibility between Mining Areas and Environmentally Sensitive

Mineral Search

risk analysis and equipment failures

Equipment development and process optimization

Wear components and machines of mining and metallurgical industry

Technical Dispute Resolution in public civil actions against Mining

Guidelines on Social Responsibility - ISO 26000

Plans Waste Management

Environmental Impact Reports

Reverse logistic