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Used oils and lubricants reverse logistics;
Technical conflicts solution in civil actions against mining companies;
Analysis of compatibility between mining and environmentally sensible areas;
Risk Analysis and Equipment Failures
Environmental impact reports;
Waste management plans;
ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Guidelines
Abrasiveness of ore slurries – Tribology studies for pipelines projects and life cycle of mining equipment;
Equipment Development and Process Optimization


We regularly provide technical and scientific information of interest and focused on our areas through webinars 





"It is not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent.
Who survives is most willing to change. "


  • A Compatibilização da Indústria Mineral em Regiões Ambientalmente Sensíveis

    Abstract: Concepts of compatibilization between mining industry and environment are presented to contribute for the establishment of a theoretical and applied framework for conservation and preservation practices in areas with environmental restrictions. Due to the social and environmental pressures that are increasingly affecting most mining projects, those procedures, which now may be considered as special,

    13 de August de 2021
  • Nondestructive remote tests.

    Non-destructive tests are among the main tools for quality control and material inspection and are widely applied in sectors such as the nuclear, petroleum / petrochemical, aerospace, steel, naval, electromechanical and paper and cellulose industries. These contribute to the quality of goods and services, cost reduction, accident prevention, environmental preservation,

    22 de February de 2021
  • Do you know the piezoelectric effect and its applications?

    The piezoelectric effect was discovered by Pierre1 and Jacques2 Curie in 1880. The two researchers carried out an experiment that consisted of cutting a crystalline sheet of quartz and then applying mechanical loads to the two opposite faces of that blade, over and over again. After the application of the forces, the appearance of electrical charges was observed; a positive face

    February 8, 2021
  • Embraer presents 1st concept of 'flying taxi' for Uber

    Embraer presents 1st concept of 'flying taxi' for Uber Spectrum December 9, 2019 Embraer presented today (09) during the Uber Elevate fair, in Los Angeles, the first concept that follows the specifications of “flying taxi” requested by Uber for the construction of a future fleet of aircraft for urban transport. The Brazilian company enters

    June 8, 2018

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